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Affiche d'avertissement drone en opération
Hydroplane vue par drone
Régates de beauharnois équipe de drone
imagerie aérienne par drone
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Do justice to the magnitude of your event with peace of mind!

Drone aerial imaging for events is the best way to show the extent of your workforce deployment. Essentially, it helps locate your event for promotion or follow-up.
To keep it secure, you will now have one or more mobile cameras above your site. These will give you a better overview and make informed decisions. Having therefore multiple uses, the aerial view will ensure the promotional and security success for your event.


Get people to talk about yourself, but for the right reasons…

Drone aerial imaging for events including general public remains a delicate and regulated task. In addition, Transport Canada, NAV Canada and air traffic controllers of controlled airspace may need to be involved.
Although it is no longer mandatory to hold a SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) for commercial drone operation, certain exceptions apply. Holding an event announced to the general public requires authorization by SFOC.
A solid reputation precedes S.T.A.N.D. in drone aerial imaging for events. The successful accomplishment of the mandates entrusted, our working methods and our seasoned security protocols ensure your peace of mind.
S.T.A.N.D. also has devices equipped with approved parachutes allowing to fly legally over the public. Therefore, you will have access to unique views. Our highly secure equipment will increase your customers’ level of confidence in this new technology. All in all, therefore trust S.T.A.N.D. with drone aerial imaging for events!

Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro en vol avec parachute Parazero
Drone DJI Mavic 2 Pro en vol avec parachute Parazero
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Circuit Yvon-Duhamel en carte orthomosaïque
Carte orthomosaïque mixé avec carte DSM du circuit Yvon-Duhamel à Valcourt
Circuit Yvon-Duhamel en carte DSM
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Be efficient not only in your execution, but also in your planning!

An outdoor event generally covers a large area. Consequently, the security service must patrol periodically to be able to ensure its integrity. Drones have the freedom to cross obstacles that may be encountered on the ground. Our support for your event allows you to increase the frequency of surveillance rounds, but also to reach places that are difficult to access.
Thanks to drone aerial imaging for events, your resources will be deployed judiciously so you win in efficiency. In any case, recording the data collected allows you to consult them later if necessary.
Aerial capture also allows you to take multiple bird view photos and then make a collage (orthomosaique). Thanks to software precise to the centimeter, you are now provided with a real map of your site. Therefore, it could be used for operational planning and public orientation.
Also, with a topographic survey, organizers can plan operations using data and terrain profiles. This will base the execution of your operations with confidence and precision.

Live broadcast

Live video broadcasting is an asset particularly appreciated by the public during a sporting event or a show. The capture that we make of your event is offered in real time for immediate replay.
Whether the objective of the capture is intended for your audience or your team of officials, we have the expertise and equipment to carry out the mission you entrust to us. Nowadays, action happens quickly during a sporting event. The video replay offered will be your ally to make the call on a difficult decision or to amaze your audience.
This new perspective gives an overview that increases the feeling of being at the heart of the action. Indeed, it provides a lot of information at a glance. Aerial capture is, so to speak, the shot that everyone wants to view. It is now accessible for a fraction of the price thanks to drones that replace the helicopter or airship.


Salle de diffusion en direct Couper Vanier
Coupe Vanier diffusion drone
Officiels régates de Valleyfield
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From proof of concept to surpassing your goals!

S.T.A.N.D. has been entrusted with the mandate of live broadcasting of images captured by drone to hydroplane racing (regattas) officials of the HRL (Hydroplane Racing League) in 2018. First for exploratory purposes for this first year, the HRL then asked us to be their official partner for drone aerial imaging for events for the following 3 years.
It’s with great pride that we have successfully completed a first full season in 2019. Our images offering a clear perspective in the surveillance of boats and the maintenance of their race corridor, the HRL relies on them to apply the regulations and the resulting penalties in the event of an infringement.

Surpassing goals, continued…

In collaboration with the prestigious company Dizifilms and the no less prestigious production team of TVA Sports, we have been entrusted with the mandate of drone aerial imaging for events such as the Vanier Cup of Canadian university football at the PEPS stadium of Laval University in Quebec in 2019.
This Canadian premiere was broadcast live from coast to coast. The satisfaction of the production team was unanimous: the breathtaking shots and the quality of the images confirm the role of the drone as a new essential working tool for complete and spectacular media coverage.


Coupe Vanier 2019 vue par drone
Coupe Vanier 2019 vue par drone
Coupe Vanier 2019 vue par drone
Coupe Vanier 2019 vue par drone
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S.T.A.N.D., a team player in the Pro League

Professional sport represents a preferred sector for using drone aerial imagery. Moreover, less expensive and more versatile, drones are replacing helicopters and airships. In this sense, we can think of PGA golf tournaments or Formula 1 races.
Municipal, regional or national sporting competitions can now offer this overview. Since S.T.A.N.D.  is dedicated to delivering the same quality as the major leagues, you have access to it.
We have developed expertise in this niche which requires special authorization from Transport Canada given the public nature of the event. Our good track record and the rigor of our methods give us a privileged positioning. There is no doubt that we receive recognition from our peers and aeronautical authorities.

Finally, S.T.A.N.D. Technologies is your trusted partner to introduce drones to your operations.

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